Close-up of a lizard tail.
It arose from the depths of 1950s Sci-Fi cinema. How could the world not fall in love with a humonculous, city-stomping god-lizard?
In the many iterations, re-boots, and sequels, Godzilla has spawned a franchise that has survived history and is alive today more than ever. 
3.75 Inch Godzilla Shogun filgure.
Godzilla vs Kong, being the newest film staring the mighty reptilian anti-hero, puts Godzilla up against not only mighty King Kong, but another, more sinister foe.
Mecha Godzilla from Godzilla vs Kong 2021.
Ancient feuds between giants may need to be put aside in order to save the Earth.
Godzilla Bandai Figure from Godzilla vs Kong 2021.King Kong from Godzilla vs Kong 2021.
What is next for the film series? Hopefully, more giant monsters, whether they are revived from the original classic foes or newly introduced to the Godzilla Monsterverse.
You can be sure to see more Godzilla and Kaiju related merchandise coming to Pack Turtle soon!
Rodan Bandai figure.King Ghidorah from Godzilla: King of Monsters 2019.
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