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We are now a week into the new year and things are great so far! We got 2023 merchandise already rolling in and we are really excited. There is a lot we want to do for our customers in 2023 and we also want to know what our customers are wanting. Here are just the main things to look out for this year:

  • Order Pickup location in Hampton Roads area of Virginia. We tried hard to find the right spot last year and are constantly searching. We are hopeful this will be happening soon as we have raised our rent budget. We will keep you updated!
  • Website Improvements. We will be looking at ways to make your shopping experience at packturtle.com much easier and more fun. We will specifically be looking to improve our self-service return center and think of some unique contests and fun things to do in the blogs.
  • More Bundles and Full Set Options. Our product bundles are taking off, so we will be expanding on that and offering more and more bundles at discounted prices.
  • Expanded Selection of Clothing Brands. To expand our clothing selection, we are looking at popular horror, sci-fi and automotive brands for t-shirts in addition to expanding on our current pop culture/entertainment themed clothing.
  • Expanded Selection of Pop Culture/Entertainment Themed Pet Toys and Apparel. We will be looking to our pet products distributors for more collectibles for your pet pups and kitties.
  • Continued Expansion of Entertainment Themed Action Figures, Big and Small. We will continue to bring in the figures we all love from film and TV, especially anything retro. More from companies like NECA, Star Ace, Executive Replicas, Hasbro, and Mattel, plus more.

Let us know what you would like to see at Pack Turtle in 2023!

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