Brand Spotlight - HOT WHEELS!

It was 1968, nearly an end to a decade that brought some of the greatest rock music to hit the airwaves. That same edge and energy was brought to the collectable toy world by a group of  talented designers at MATTEL toy company. HOT WHEELS hit the toy market from zero to sixty in seconds!

Hot Wheels '96 Chevy Impala SS Rescue Series

Looking back at the first releases, Hot Wheels were mostly cool muscle cars modeled after classic American-Made automobiles. They eventually expanded into race tracks for their cars and entertainment and holiday themed cars and sets.

Hot Wheels 2021 Stars and Stripes Series Cars

Hot Wheels Fox Run Track Set

Hot Wheels 2021 Carbonator Holiday Series Car

Hot Wheels upped their collectible game with "Treasure Hunt" and "Super Treasure Hunt" rare cars. Certain Hot Wheel cars have limited release and have special design and character traits different than the other cars. These are highly-sought by Hot Wheel collectors and we love when we are able to offer these rarities to our customers.

Hot Wheels 2021 '65 Ford Galaxie Treasure Hunt Car

If you want to learn more or if there are any Hot Wheels series you would like us to carry, feel free to let us know. We love our Hot Wheels here at Packturtle!

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