How can we operate a collectible toy store without spotlighting one of the top-dogs in collectible action figures and entertainment replicas, NECA, The National Entertainment Collectibles Association? It is hard to believe the toy division of NECA only started in 2002. It seems like they have been around much longer, starting with iconic horror figures. 


NECA has since broadened their collectible toys to include licenses for sci-fi classics like the Alien franchise, The Thing, and They Live. They have also adapted classic comedy, music, cartoon, and video game characters into highly-valued figures and collectibles. NECA's passion for film and their proven attention to detail has shown through their realistic depictions of these personalities from our favorite outlets for entertainment.

We love NECA here at Pack Turtle! Let us know if there is anything from this wonderful manufacturer that you would like to see in our store! Click here to see our selection of NECA products:*neca*&type=product

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